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Our welding capabilities enable us to meet a broad range of welding requirements, from the most delicate to the most robust. Our welders hold such certifications as AWS D1.1 (structural steel, including armor), D1.2 (structural aluminum), D1.3 (structural sheet steel), D1.6 (stainless steel) and D17.1 (aerospace). Our welding capabilities include:

TIG Welding (GTAW) Versitile, precise and clean, GTAW is an industry standard for applications in Aerospace on thinner materials across a wide range of alloys easily. These processes have also been qualified in accordance with many various standards as well several customer specifications such as Honeywell's WBS5018.

WIRE FEED OR MIG (GMAW) Fast, repeatable and robust, we apply GMAW welding on a wide variety of products for our customers. Our processes have been throughly tested and qualified in accordance with various AWS standards.

FLUX CORE (FCAW) For our heavier weldments, we utilize Flux Cored Arc Welding to deposit large quantities of weld material in an efficent manner. This process gives us the ability to reduce cycle time on large and heavy duty weldments.

STICK WELDING (SMAW) The original workhorse of the industry is still applied at Joined Alloys when the situation calls for it. Most commonly we use this for hardfacing applications.

SPOT WELDING (SPOT) Spot welding is the most commonly used form of resistance welding. We can spotweld materials as thin as .008 up to thickness approaching .125

PROCEDURE QUALIFICATION With the in-house certifying authority we have, there is almost no welding specification we can not meet. Having an on staff CWI and ASNT Level II assure that any new weld procedures needed will be qualified in accordance with even the most demanding specifications and stringent inspection requirements.

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